Our Leathers

Fifty years of trading in the leather and footwear industry. We stock a broad range of leather including French and Italian calf, kid, sheep, soling, belting, patent, printed, shoe and bag leathers

CALF – We specialise in calf from both Italy and Portugal, We hold stocks of aniline, box, burnished and printed grain in a range of different sizes, colours and effects. These are suitable particularly for handmade and top grade manufacturers of both footwear and leathergoods.NUBUCK – We offer top quality nubuck in both calf and cow sides from 0.8mm to 2.2mm. Nubuck is primarily made on top selection calf or veal skins to give the best quality. We can offer a mellow silky soft feel or a firmer tighter dry nap if required.

PULL UP (ALSO CALLED – waxy or oily pull-up) – This is a classic leather suitable for shoes and leathergoods. We stock waterproof with a light waxy oiled effect to give a natural aniline pull up. It is available in black, dark brown, medium brown and oxblood in substance 1.6/1.8mm and can be made to order in all colours up to 2.2mm.

PATENT – We work with one of Italy’s top manufacturers of patent.They are producing patent on both calf and cow sides from 0.8mm to 2.0mm. We have available a full range of colours and effects such as pearl and metallised. Their production is licensed ISO 2009 and the leather is REACH tested to ensure the highest quality environmental standards. We hold stock of black, white and red and also keep selected colours and lines from the latest collection.

SUEDE – Our suede splits are produced by some of the best specialist suede tanners in the EU, we supply many of the top footwear & leathergoods brands. There are three specialist producers that we represent and stock, they supply both calf and bovine split, plain, moss backed or printed and laminated with fancy effects.They are available in a range of substances fro 0.8mm to 2.2mm. We also carry a range of twelve colours in suede kid, including red, fuchsia, orange, purple and yellow

FULL GRAIN SIDES – Our full grain cow and calf sides are produced to REACH environmental standards in a wide range of colours and substances, from 0.8mm to 2.2mm. They are produced on european hides so the grain is fine the cutting area clan and fault free. The feel these hides give would be classified as generally mellow to soft. If you require a specific colour we colour match to your requirements.

CORRECTED GRAIN – Our smooth corrected grain uses Spanish and Portuguese raw hides for the best classic hi-shine appearance.The mellow tannage and is suitable for the best quality hi-shine shoes and boots. It can be produced in a range of thicknesses and colours from 1.2mm to 2.0mm. We also offer a hi-shine article on Italian calf skins for a top quality brush off up to 1.4mm.

LININGS – We specialise in four colours of shoe and bag linings. Classic natural, black, dark brown and red, all available from stock.
SHOULDERS – we offer dyed through shoulders from 1.6 to 3.0mm suitable for all types of leather goods applications, such as belts, bags, satchels, wallets and any sort of strapping. They are produced on european hides which ensures a large size to maximise efficient cutting. The european hides have a good fibre structure to help ensure the best performance and longevity.

BELLIES – We stock glazed vegetable tanned bellies in substances up to 1.6mm made particularly for applications into leather goods such as belt tabs,wallets,desk sets. We stock black,dark brown,tan and navy. Other finishes such as nubuck, oiled or waxy are available if other effects are required.

BENDS – We stock both men’s and ladies weight vegetable tanned soling bends. Available are alternative finishes such as sueded with a covering film,natural or black with or without a covering film. Chestnut tannage or oak bark can be supplied as well.

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