Passion for Healthy feet

The brand pedag international stands for quality, sustainability, innovation and well-being. Since its foundation in 1955, Schelchen GmbH has been working on this reputation producing high-quality insoles, foot supports, shoe care products, shoe trees and laces. Exported to more than 80 countries around the world our customers appreciate the quality products of Schelchen GmbH because of their functionality, the eco-friendly manufacturing processes, manufactured in Germany, and the highly professional and reliable collaboration with orthopaedists , chemists and a wide range  of experts.

pedag History

In 1955, Hartmut Schelchen started selling shoe care products and insoles and after considerable success in 1965 started manufacturing his own insoles in a former cowshed in Berlin-Charlottenburg. His idea worked out – the customers loved the Schelchen insoles. In 1971, the demand for high-quality insoles and shoe care products had increased so much that the company had to leave the property in Berlin-Charlottenburg and move to larger premises in Berlin-Schöneberg. In 1975, the original brand name HS Schuhbedarf was changed to pedag international, derived from the Latin word pedes, meaning foot.

pedag’s goal was to promote the natural and healthy way of walking and this goal lead to wellness and well-being becoming the essence of the company’s mission statement.

Based on this ideal, Schelchen GmbH started developing its premium product, the VIVA® foot support, In 1993. pedag VIVA® was the first all round supporting insole combining an anatomically shaped foot bed with finest cow hide and the world’s first odour-preventing activated carbon filter that was not based on latex.


Nowadays, Schelchen GmbH is located in Königs Wusterhausen in Brandenburg, only about 30 minutes outside of the Berlin city centre, where it keeps on adding new chapters to its success story. There is currently 170 employees concerned with producing high-quality goods that contribute to maintain foot health. To comply with our standards, every detail is important. Now recommended by the APMA (American Podiatric Medical Asso.) and certified by the Quality Management System ISO 13485 pedag’s drive for quality products remains undiminished.

From choosing the most appropriate leathers and carefully bonding the single parts of the insole, to meticulously controlling the final product – every product is handmade and the result of expertise and knowledge.

pedag production
Leather Quality